The New-look Workplace – Part I

02:00 PM
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A new kind of workplace is emerging – and it looks a bit different from the old one. For one thing, homeworking is not going to disappear. So, in this webinar, involving several key European countries, we take a look at worldwide trends on the new hybrid setting from different angles, such as: what home-working costs need to be reimbursed by employers? What will labour relations look like? If you need to do an investigation, how will that work remotely? What obligations do employers have if they hire an employee based and working from abroad? And what of your ethical obligations? Join us for a deep dive into these issues.

Several Ius Laboris employment law firms will participate in this webinar and explain the worldwide trends. They are: Claeys & Engels (Belgium),  Kliemt.HR (Germany),  Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo (Italy),  Sackers & Partners (UK), and Raczkowski (Poland).

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Sophie Maes
Partner - Belgium
Claeys & Engels
Burkard Göpfert
Partner - Germany
Kliemt.HR Lawyers
Michaela Berry
Partner - United Kingdom
Emanuela Nespoli
Partner - Italy
Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo
Janusz Tomczak
Partner - Poland
14 May 2020
Coronavirus: Workforce management in the Americas during COVID-19

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