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What is the position on travel and immigration in Argentina right now?

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Bruchou & Funes de Rioja, Argentina’s experts in labour and employment law.
Argentina has extended its current restrictions on inbound travel and introduced new requirements for travellers. This article provides details of this and of current migration conditions.

Travel restrictions

Argentina’s borders will remain closed until 25 October 2020 inclusive, for non-resident foreign nationals.

Internal flights have been suspended from 20 March until 15 October 2020. The Ministry of Transport recently authorised internal flights but they are limited to essential workers and people who need to travel for medical reasons.

The Governors of Provinces, may expand the authorisation to other activities taking into account the the epidemiological situation.

International flights: although Argentina has planned a series of frequencies to Europe, the United States and Latin America for September and October, these are services that continue to be ‘special’; that is, they do not correspond to airlines’ regular itineraries but to an exceptional schedule that must be authorised in each case by the authorities and that does not allow companies to have a longer-term horizon to plan their operations.

Mandatory home isolation remains in place until 8 November 2020, exclusively for people who reside or are in the the areas listed here (in Spanish).

The rest of the country remains in the ‘social, preventive and compulsory distancing’ phase, during which a minimum distance of two metres must be maintained between people, and all sanitary measures must be complied with.

Anyone arriving in Argentina (nationals and residents) must home isolate for at least 14 days.


New entry requirement: electronic Affidavit

Since 7 September 2020, an ‘Electronic Affidavit’, as has been implemented as a new entry requirement. The form is available at the Argentine Immigration Office website and it should be completed 48 hours before boarding.


Travellers must use CUIDAR, Argentina’s COVID app

In order to have data that allow the implementation of measures needed to protect public health in the framework of the health emergency, the Argentine Immigration Office now requires that all individuals who enter the country must download and use either the mobile or web version of CUIDAR, the Ministry of Health COVID-19 application for a minimum period of 14 days.


Immigration conditions

The suspension of consular visa applications remains in force until further notice. Only with a special authorisation from Immigration Office, Argentine Consulates abroad have been authorised to issue transitory or temporary visas.

The National Directorate of Migrations has partially reopened. Only temporary residence extension and permanent residence applications of foreign nationals already in Argentina are being processed. The processing of new residence applications in Argentina is suspended until 8 November 2020.

The National Directorate of Migrations has arranged to extend the validity of provisional, transitory, and temporary residence permits expiring between 17 March and 11 November for an additional 30 days.

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