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Setting up to work in the metaverse


If your company is thinking of setting up workspaces in the metaverse, what HR issues do you need to consider? We went into the metaverse the other day to record an episode of Talking Work about potential issues of discrimination based on avatar design. It’s our first foray into the challenges of working in virtual reality and we interviewed Tarun Tawakley, partner at our UK law firm, Lewis Silkin.

You can hear an audio version here and there is a link to YouTube version here.

Read the article of Tarun Tawakley here.

If you’d like to contact Tarun Tawakley, click here for his details. Our host, Deborah Ishihara, can be found here.

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Tarun Tawakley
Tarun Tawakley
Partner - United Kingdom
Lewis Silkin