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Environmental sustainability 


At Ius Laboris, we are working together to find solutions to emerging environmental issues. We are dedicated to decreasing our ecological impact and are actively adopting measures that embrace sustainable business practices.

From small improvements such as limiting paper and plastic usage to larger ones like shifting to eco-friendly buildings, we are gradually adopting planet-friendly solutions.  

For example, we are working to reduce paper and plastic usage and trying to recycle as much as possible. Many of our members have replaced plastic bottles with glass ones and use compostable or reusable glasses and tableware. Many members have already replaced pods and capsules for beverage machines with coffee beans and when selecting suppliers, our members prioritise working with planet-friendly, low-carbon suppliers. 

We are dedicated to fostering eco-friendly workplaces, and our members implemented various measures in 2023 to minimise our carbon footprint. These initiatives include using public transport over cars, encouraging train travel instead of planes or cars, promoting municipal bike-sharing, minimising heating and air conditioning and educating staff on energy-efficient practices and low-energy light sources. We have also adopted energy-efficient and water-saving technologies to reduce consumption. 

Many of our member firms have a hybrid work-from-home system, which is helping reduce travel and improve office space efficiency. Several of our member firms have successfully transitioned to smart and eco-friendly offices that minimise energy use and maximise its efficiency. 

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ESG Report 2023

Our ESG Report 2023 reflects our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. Within its pages, you’ll discover a detailed overview of the steps and initiatives undertaken by our member firms throughout the year. From minimising our environmental impact to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace, Ius Laboris remains committed to making a positive difference in the communities in which we work.