‘Atypical’ work arrangements – a look ahead

01:00 PM
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COVID-19 is impacting the world greatly at the present time, but it is not the only factor changing the world of work. In this webinar, experts from Belgium, Canada, Brazil and the UK will discuss the growing phenomenon of the ‘gig’ economy and the way case law on this is shaping up internationally. The panel will also look at remote working and how this is blurring international borders in terms of work.

Ius Laboris employment law firms participating to this webinar are: Claeys & Engels (Belgium), Mathews Dinsdale (Canada), Veirano Advogados (Brazil) and Lewis Silkin (UK).

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Greg McGinnis
Partner - Canada
Mathews Dinsdale
Chris Engels
Chris Engels
Partner - Belgium
Claeys & Engels
José Carlos Wahle
Partner - Brazil
Veirano Advogados
David Hopper
Partner - United Kingdom
Lewis Silkin