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Quarterly Update for the Asia-Pacific Region No: 2, July 2024


In this APAC regional quarterly update, we analyze measures to expand worker protections across various countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Australia has seen worker-friendly increases to minimum wage rates, superannuation (retirement fund) contributions, and paid parental leave. Further potential good news for workers in Australia is that the government is giving serious consideration to limiting non-compete clauses and other restraints of trade. The High Court in Hong Kong has likewise limited the use of non-compete clauses.

Workers in Japan who have childcare and other family care responsibilities will now enjoy flexible working and other measures to support those obligations. And more workers will be covered in an expansion of the public employment insurance scheme.

The High Court in the Indian state of Karnataka has struck a blow for international workers, ruling that they must be subject to the same rules as Indian workers. And in South Korea, the Seoul High Court has expanded employers’ collective bargaining obligation to include employees of independent contractors.


Quarterly Update for the Asia-Pacific Region

In our Quarterly APAC Update, we analyse the legal changes in employment law shaping the business and regulatory environment across a range of countries in the Asia-Pacific region.