HR is in unprecedented flux

The extent to which HR’s role has changed due to the pandemic

HR was elevated by the events of the pandemic

However, the 'strategic' nature of their role is still not universally recognised

Even though HR is ready to adapt and manage the next big crisis

Strategies prioritised by HR

HR are making headway on adapting and revisiting ‘people policies’ to navigate social change

The extent to which countries believe HR should create a safe space for employees to communicate their opinions openly

But there is still work to do, with core strategic skills now in development

Top capabilities ranked to increase HR value

These skills will be tech-enabled

The extent to which countries believe tech drives strategic work

Technology innovation is the key imperative

But, what does “innovation” really look like?

The top technology to enable HR transformation

How best to empower HR to ready their business for change?

Give them a seat at the C-Suite table

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