Working Time

In this series, we think about working hours, breaks and rest time and what the law says about these in different countries.

European Union
Time Recording in the EU

The ByWord: Working time

In this report covering 51 countries, we take a global look at the law on working hours, breaks and rest time between work shifts and how it is applied in different countries. We also look at the changing nature of work, in particular, the growing tendency for people to work on various devices from a range of locations and the implications this has, both in terms of time recording and the ability of employees to disconnect fully from work outside working hours.

Learn on the go! Webinars

4 Nov 2020
Legal HR Summit

The Legal HR Summit is a 2-day online programme with two big themes: HR leaders and HR lawyers addressing the future of the working world and business insiders providing insights into managing an international workforce.

8 Oct 2020
Working from home: a solution for the long term

Working from home is fast becoming more than just a tool for crisis management. More and more companies are now considering it as a sustainable option for the longer term. Many employees view it as a valuable benefit and employers too, can start to see cost-savings on the horizon in…

2 Jul 2020
Coronavirus: Getting back to the new normal

Four Ius Laboris employment law firms provide their very different perspectives on what is happening in their countries right now and how employers can best manage their workforces in the circumstances. Topics include how to manage the return to work and a short and longer term perspective on employment law…