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The protection of personal data is treated very differently across the globe, although the issues are similar and cover every aspect of life. Here, we explore personal data from the angle of employment – what needs to be shared to make employment work and how to comply with the law where we operate.

data privacy
Transferring personal data outside the EEA: a 6-point action plan after Schrems II
Four months after Schrems II, the European Data Protection Board has published six recommendations for data controllers on how to transfer data outside the EEA in compliance with the judgment.

11 Points for GDPR Compliance

If you are based in the EU, you need to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR. This legislation changed the EU data privacy landscape dramatically in 2018 by:

・expanding the territorial scope of data protection laws;

・ increasing the penalties for transgressions to up to EUR 20,000,000 or 4% of worldwide turnover, whichever is higher; and

・ radically changing the processing, recording and other compliance obligations of businesses.


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Anastasia Petrova

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets out European rules about the processing of personal data. It applies when personal data are processed within the EU, but rules following from it can also apply when personal data are transferred outside the EU.

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23 Apr 2020
Coronavirus and privacy: a clash of fundamental rights

Coronavirus is throwing many new and unexpected challenges at employers. For example, within the EU, in which all countries are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there are differences of opinion as to how to balance the right to individual privacy against the health of the community. Some…

16 Jul 2020
Speed dating seminar: employee access to personal data in the EU

With the effects of the EU GDPR reverberating across the EU, subject access requests (SARs) are gaining prominence, as individuals become increasingly aware of their right to access personal data held by their employers. In what promises to be a lively discussion, we examine the growth (or not) of SARs…

24 Sep 2020
Two months on from the EU ‘Schrems II’ court ruling – do we know any more??

In this informal panel discussion, experts from the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands will discuss the European Court of Justice decision in the case of Schrems II handed down in July, and its impact on workplace data transfers. The Court ruled the EU-US Privacy Shield invalid, and although model…