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The European Labour Market Authority gets to work

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Norrbom Vinding, the largest labour and employment law practice in Scandinavia and the market leader in Denmark.
The new European Labour, Social Security and Mobility Authority has recently started work.

The free movement of workers is one of the pillars of the EU and the internal market. In order to ensure compliance and cooperation between the Member States in regulating fair labour mobility and social security systems, the Council and the European Parliament approved the creation of the European Labour Market Authority (‘ELA’). The initiative is part of the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights, which establishes principles and rights to ensure fair and well-functioning labour markets in the EU.

ELA will facilitate access to information and services on the rights and obligations of Member States, companies and citizens, create a basis for cooperation between Member States in regulating labour mobility, act as a mediator in cross-border conflicts and support cooperation between Member States in the fight against undeclared work.

ELA began its work on 17 October 2019. The Management Board consists of one member from each Member State, together with two Commission representatives, one independent expert and four representatives from interdisciplinary labour market organisations at EU level.

The goal is that the ELA will, by promoting fair labour mobility and coordinating social security, be able to alleviate the burden on national authorities and combat undeclared work, thereby protecting and raising salaries at national level.

More information can be found on ELA’s website.