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Slovakia – Proposed changes to certain Acts in relation to Brexit

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A draft was delivered to Parliament on 13 March 2019 which it is proposed will take effect from the day the UK stops being an EU Member State.

Under the proposals:

Individuals who have continuously resided in Slovakia for at least five years will be considered permanent residents and able to stay in Slovakia indefinitely.

Those with less than five years continuous residence, will be automatically considered long-term residents (for five years) if they meet the conditions for staying in Slovakia for over three months (work, study, busiss), based on a presumption their residency is in the national interest. If they subsequently reach five years of legitimate continuous residence, they can apply for permanent residence.

An employer may employ a UK citizen and family members who have resided and been employed in Slovakia prior to the UK leaving the EU no longer than 90 days after the UK leaves.

Individuals with long-term or permanent residence for at least five years in Slovakia will keep the same legal status in legal relationships as Slovak citizens in relation to access rights to employment services.

It is proposed residence documents issued to UK citizens and family members prior to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU will remain in force until 31 December 2020.