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Finland implements new EESSI system for exchanging social security information

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Finland has implemented a new digital system for exchanging social security information.  

EESSI is a new IT system (Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information), which has been established for streamlining the information flow between social security authorities of EU Member States to improve the fulfilment of individual’s social security rights and information security in cross-border social security cases.

Approximately 15,000 executing social security organisations in 32 countries will gradually implement EESSI system, which is to replace the current paper-based information exchange between the authorities. In Finland, implementation started at the end of 2019.

For social security benefits, the EESSI-system contains electronic messages in every language of the EU corresponding with each other. This ensures that social security related information is processed in a uniform manner and in accordance with the mutually agreed practices across different EU Member States.

The implementation of the new system does not cause any changes or have any effect for individuals or companies.


Iisa Koskela
Associate - Finland
Dittmar & Indrenius

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