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Colombia – New regulations on foreign degree validation processes

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Brigard Urrutia, more than 85 years as the leading law firm in Colombia.
Colombia has introduced new rules for the recognition of foreign higher education qualifications.

The Ministry of Education has introduced new regulations on the process for validation of higher education degrees granted abroad (pursuant to Resolution 10687 of 2019).

Under the new process, the application must meet one of the following validation criteria:

High quality accreditation or recognition

 Available when the institution or programme has a high-quality accreditation or recognition from a government institution.

Administrative precedent

Available when the degree matches at least three titles evaluated by the National Intersectoral Commission for the Quality Assurance of Higher Education (CONACES).

Academic evaluation

Available when the evaluation body studies, assesses and issues a definition relating to academic training acquired abroad, in relation to national programmes.

Each criterion includes documentary requirements that must be filed with the application and processing times.

The resolution also indicates which academic titles cannot be validated in Colombia. These include among others, the following: double degrees, joint programmes, own titles, unofficial titles, titles with training in Colombia, undergraduate degrees in health (that do not meet the same characteristics as Colombian degrees) and honorary degrees.